The Mixfitz
May 3, 2019

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The Mixfitz

Thanks Relyt!

Dj Ronfa

Mannnn That was doooope !! Mixfitz always on top!!!

The Mixfitz

Thanks for the compliment Ronfa.

DJ Powerdog

Tremendous work on isolating those notes! Swing juggle is my favourite, however feels like it's 3 different performances - would be great to have a transition in between

The Mixfitz

Thanks Powerdog. If we had more time, we would very probably have worked on the transitions, this is literally one night of work.. :)

Diggy The Dj

Winner!! 🏆

The Mixfitz

Thanks man, but let's leave that up to the judges. Also, we just wanted to mess with this tune as a challenge, not in it to win it this time.. :)

Oh J!

God that is dope AF

The Mixfitz

Thanks man.


Man, Mixfitz always come correct. That routine would've been tough to keep in time, even when doing it solo, but as a duo-performance, getting the timing down must've required a lot of work. And skills. Skills. Some serious skills!

The Mixfitz

Thanks Supertyyli. The real work was in years and years of practice on all the other stuff we did before we guess.. :)


Mixfitz in da buildin'

The Mixfitz


Mystykal Kut

Skills for days! Well done guys 🔥

The Mixfitz

Thanks Mystykal Kut!



The Mixfitz

Thanks Cjay!


really dope, especially the timing is on point!!! :-)

The Mixfitz

As it should be, right? :) Thanks!

Dj Eyedol The Magic Touch

Ok Boom Wicked 🔥💯Good job