Chris "The Principal" Alaro
December 7, 2018

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DJ Vanrod

good stuff man!

Chris "The Principal" Alaro


Lovy Grandninja

That was a nice one Chris wetu



Chris "The Principal" Alaro


DJ Dogstyle

You trying to put people in detention......Nice.....

Chris "The Principal" Alaro

Heh heh heh Thanks man!


I like your use of the entire phrase - whole lotta reason. Nice wordplay...

Chris "The Principal" Alaro

Thanks! I put in plenty of work on the wordplay.

DJ Incredible Halk

Loving the props and the wordplay on the beat change - I can tell you were having fun, and that made the routine fun to watch. Would have liked to see a little more scratching, and from what I can see it looks like you're moving the crossfader pretty far when you scratch. You might be able to get a sharper sound by moving it less

Chris "The Principal" Alaro

Thanks. I wanted to do plenty of cuts but I have not been practicing that often (Two kids and I have a very demanding day job) so I felt the wordplay could work better. The crossfader movement stems from the time I used a mixer that could not adjust the crossfader curve. I am yet to unlearn it BTW.

DJ Garrett Burke

The showman!! Loved it! Throw them shades. 😎 Great phrasing.

Chris "The Principal" Alaro

I NEVER wear shades I borrowed those from a friend just to use that phrase in the routine heh heh heh which made it even more fun. Thanks for the support.

DJ CoolHand

I think I got contact high

Chris "The Principal" Alaro

Hahahahaahaaaaa...That was what I was going for.


that was creative !!! I get so high/comedown .... nice !!

Chris "The Principal" Alaro

Thanks for noticing. That was the first idea I had.