December 9, 2018

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oh no - room audio only makes it difficult to appreciate this one.


Aye thank you for that Iā€™m looking into it

DJ Garrett Burke

Nice video Hush. šŸ‘ Like myself, I think you and I need to buy an irig for sound quality. šŸšØ


Yea I was looking into the reloop tape

DJ Halk

I got a Behringer UCA222

DJ CoolHand

Yeah the hum is distracting, record in your software and repost (if you can)!


or just download a free video editing Software, i edited it in 10 minutes with lightworks although i have never used the Software before, very easy to learn to sync audio/video looking forward to another video with better sound quality!


Great set bro! Word phrasing was on beat :) Only thing i would recommend is what everyone else has already said lol but its a biggy. I got an Irig 2 (fairly cheap) and i plug it into my phones headphone jack... No need to go blowing the budget out, and the results are šŸ‘