DJ Bewser
December 9, 2018

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DJ Ron Stoppable

Lord have Mercy

DJ Bewser

Had other ideas with this, it I had to push to shorten it. Hardly did any scratching lmao

DJ Ron

I was Like OMG

Dj Raighne

doooooope very clean

DJ Bewser

Thanks man!


Fuego!!! 🔥🔥🔥

DJ Bewser

🙏🏼 Thanks man


So clean. This routine has everything.

DJ Bewser

I tried man....haha

DJ Garrett Burke

Oooooooo them some funky cuts 🔪

DJ Bewser

Gotta make up for the lack of precision/speed. 😂

DJ Incredible Halk

Killed it - every aspect was perfectly executed, creative mixing/interplay with the James Brown, interesting pacing and nailed the cuts. Great job

DJ Bewser

Thanks for the feedback. Tried my best to make it interesting

Dj Mate

Yes, nice routine with this words!!

DJ Bewser

Thanks Mate!


Nice and Funky!!

DJ Bewser

With JB on it, I had to keep it funky. 👌🏼


:) Clean & Impressive!


Good Job

DJ Bewser

Thanks man

Diggy The Dj

dooopppeee! nice cuts

DJ Bewser

Trying...haha some of these subs are crazy.


Dope Transitions, clean, funky cuts!

DJ Bewser

Thanks Dada

Pineapple P

Killed It!!!


Git it


good cuts bro !

Dean Guest

Awesome Job Man ..!