DJ Delightfull
December 14, 2018

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Sick juggles man!

DJ Delightfull



Nice one, love the juggle parts and the doubles specifically :)

DJ Delightfull

Cheers mate! Liked a lot your scratch take on the vocals, will keep following your stuff!


nice routine !

DJ Delightfull



very dope and creative... love it man!

DJ Delightfull

Thanks bruh!


what is the scratch at 28? so good! stopping records in the juggle was so hype! what were those quasers or lasers or something? craziness...

DJ Delightfull

Hey! Nah, I can't do quasers, 00:28 are triplet OG flares but starting with a drop, then doing the click backwards. Stopping the records in between juggling patterns is an essential 90's thing which I really appreciate because it immediately grasps attention and lets the listener know something is going to change. Though the juggles here are pretty straightforwards, well-known patterns, I'd say. :)

dj ragz

killing it! yes

DJ Delightfull

thanks, appreciate!

DJ CL Smoov

Dope routine!

DJ Delightfull


DJ Incredible Halk

Nailed it - dope cuts, excellent pacing, lots of creativity in the juggles even without adding the extra song, and very well executed. Great submission

DJ Delightfull

Thank you sir!

DJ Jehred

The combination of your juggles and scratching is dope!!

DJ Delightfull

Thanks man!)


top 3 for me

DJ Delightfull

big up!

Skratch Bastid

Damn man, you fit so many things into 2 minutes. Really impressive. The first beat comes in a bit early to me, but maybe that's just the way I am counting. Outside of that, I really like how many ways you managed to flip the track. Great submission, looking forward to future ones.

DJ Delightfull

Yo, it's super nice to get feedback from you personally! Props for putting up this whole challenge and thanks for watching!

Diggy The Dj

yooo! definitely one of the strongest routines imo. packed so much in 2 mins and super technical, smashed it!