December 14, 2018

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D&B πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯


Glad you liked it. Tone posted what my first plan was (Probably did a better job of it then I would've) so I scrambled and thought playing Jungle would be a change.

DJ Goadman

nice mashup..thumbs up



Lord Of Kingz

Timing is everything. Nice blend on the mashup!


Can you elaborate on "timing is everything"? Miigwech re. blend

Smokey Wonder

You were a beast on those double ups!


I appreciate the love - but after seeing all these entries, I realize that I have a ways to go with that stuff...


Yo that was mad nice! Your definitely nicer than I with that cross faster. I really liked that mash up! Keep it up!


Hey that means a lot comin' from you; I thought your cuts were better than mine. Thanks!


Nasty routine (in a good way) keep it up loved the facial expressions it was dirty 😠


lol - Lettin' my Junglist heart shine through...


Good work brotha. One helpful tip that got me far was to trust your ears (and your cue points πŸ™‚). Don’t know if you had a computer in front of you or not, but just trusting that when you click a button, it will do what you expect is liberating and a time saver. Love the energy πŸ’ͺ🏾


I appreciate the feedback...

Skratch Bastid

DOjibwe - first off, I gotta say thank you (again) for all of your activity on Skratch School. Your constructive comments really help get some conversations started an reinforce good things that DJs are doing. My one suggestion to you would to be to try and look at the screen a bit less. I find when I look at the screen, it makes me pause and think for a split second, and that split second can be the difference between whether something comes in at the right time or not. Once your cue points are properly set, trust that they are in the right place and get your coordinates from consistent record control plus your ears. You'll notice a difference, 100 percent.


Miigwech for your kind words Paul! I will definitely heed your advice. I have only had DVS a year; in the beginning, I was fascinated by watching the waveforms and cue points - perhaps I became dependent on watching them. I haven't even mixed a vinyl set since getting Serato. Maybe I should and force myself to remember that DJing is about the sounds not the visuals. Cheers!


Loving that concentration, excitement and enjoyment in your set bro. Hard not too when you blear the sounds of our people the Junglist Massive! #wugwun


big ups!