December 14, 2018

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Certainly got the battle swagger down! I feel like the yawn might have been unintentional but then you played off it- nice 1. Cool body tricks btw

dj ragz

gettem bo!!!!

DJ Incredible Halk

Good control of the song, enjoyed the taunting actions, dope cuts - great submission


appreciate that fam! btw, you got one of the best DJ names I've come across.

DJ Incredible Halk

Thanks! I'm not that clever though, Halk is my last name 😂 I think I might lose that title to shortBlackDude

Skratch Bastid

Bo - you're FAST man. I know your stuff from the 3Style world. Crazy dextrous with the cue points and record control combo. My only thing I would change is the 2Pac vocals that come in over the intro. They come off a bit choppy, maybe pick an instrumental, or let more of the vocals play


I really appreciate you taking the time to give such feedback. I'll certainly keep that in mind moving forward. Thank you for making this challenge, the site concept is amazing as well. Bless.