December 15, 2018

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This one is very unique


Thanks, Quinnette! I was pretty sure everyone else was going to go heavy on the scratches and use the optional song, so I tried to go the other way and be a little more musical and less technical in the approach. Plus, keep the title track as the forefront of the routine was pretty important in my book.

DJ Incredible Halk

After hearing this beat constantly for several days, it was very interesting how you flipped it. Thoroughly enjoyed the whole routine, simple effective musical cuts Dilla or Madlib style


Appreciate it, Halk! I thought I would try some new techniques I haven't done before. I learned early on from a couple vets in the game that it's important to introduce silence into your scratches, so i stayed simple in the approach. Maybe a little too simple, but my key focus was to be more musical instead of technical - although hindsight after seeing other routines, I could've been more musically technical in those scratches. Thanks for taking the time to check me out! Until next time, brotha!


Very cool! what do you use to record the loops? Would love to hear some of you other flips. Do you have a sound loud or hearthis or anything?


Thanks, DOjibwe1! It’s just the hold echo effect built into the latest Rane mixers recording the loops. I don’t have any other flips like this out there at the moment tho. First time using that feature. Felt like a good time to put it into a routine.

Skratch Bastid

SBD - first of all, I think you have a very tight skill set overall from scratches like flares & boomerangs to a strong sense of rhythm and beats/counting that separates you from many entries on here. A lot of people can learn by watching and seeing the musical choices you make. Everything falls in it's right place, and the choices you make to flip things are great. I like the loop idea, but I do tire of it a bit after hearing it after 1min or so. I would either try to bring it in a bit later, working with the OG a bit more before, or add another beat to it later in the routine to add new life to it. The cuts over top are nice, especially the spaced out rearranged bass notes, just the one beat loop gets a bit repetitive. Great entry and I really look forward to your future contributions. PS - do you know TallBlackGuy? That's the homie


Much appreciate the in-depth review of my routine, SB! Very helpful and unexpected - so I'm definitely soaking up this advice. I felt the same way on the loop too, but couldn't figure a smooth way to switch it up at the time. I'm going to play around with that OG flare more in the future too. Gonna try a version 2 of this. And yes, I know of TBG lol! I'm a fan. Dope work - especially lately! Thanks again!

Diggy The Dj

really cool set man!! refreshing flip