BreaKing Bzy
December 15, 2018

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juggling with one turntable! awesome! Also you picked the best part of the beat and no one else had yet - nice 1!

DJ Nessrock

I could barely juggle with 2 turns!

BreaKing Bzy

Thanks n Respect bros!🙏✌

Skratch Bastid

Man, 1 turntable action. I truly appreciate mixes and setups like this, not letting a restriction get in the way of making a routine. I'd love to hear how the juggle would sound with 2 turntables. Have you worked with 2 turntables before?

BreaKing Bzy

Thanks sir,Bastid! Actually,I have tried juggling on 2 turns just once. I've entered to the game about just 2 months ago and got a scratch setup and also wanted to try juggling on it.. Then,found this dope challenge and entered,sir!🙏

Mely Mel

Okay my dude you killed the showmanship part of the challenge rocking and juggling with one turntable I had to watch it again to believe my eyes good shit

BreaKing Bzy

Oh! That means alot to me man! Thanks much!🙏