DJ Undoo
December 15, 2018

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Opening juggle blew my use of the same breakdown out of the water. First to drum as well and it was tight with that big beat!

DJ Undoo

Thank you!



DJ Undoo

Big up!


Clean 👍🏾 I love a lot of elements here like the phrasing patterns. Wish I would have added more phrasing in this same way.

DJ Undoo


Skratch Bastid

Really nice submission, Undoo! Great arrangement, drumming is really tight in the snare-kick pattern. If I have one suggestion for your scratch section, it one be to start scratching a sound (or pattern) on a beat other than "the one" or the first beat of the bar. It will help add variety in the sound of the scratch section. Romania represent.

DJ Undoo

Hey, thank you for everything and for the feedback! One love! :)

DJ Robert Smith

Great routine, It is very diversified...dope and clean cutz 👌🏼