Alex Heisey
December 15, 2018

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DJ Siclano aka Siclo

Nice man

Alex Heisey



nice looping with a spin. funky latin vibes! too bad about the audio - hate hearing the fader clicks

Alex Heisey

Thanks! And yes, I agree, but I had to get to work and I didn’t have time to throw internal audio on it :(


I love the latin tune!❤

Skratch Bastid

What is the track you mix into? Sounds nice. It's a pretty big jump in tempo, but it does bring the energy up and I feel like you could take it in a good direction from there in a set.

Alex Heisey

thanks! yeah, I agree its bit too much of a sudden jump. and the track is : Willie Colón - Ya Llego (Captain Planet Remix) // I've used it a tonnnn this year, to all kind of crowds, and it always gets a get reception no matter who!