December 16, 2018

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Smokey Wonder

WhoooooO!!!! Dope juggles, so clean!

DJ Jehred

The juggles though!!!! One of my favorite vids.

DJ Powerdog

Those are killer patterns!

Dj Andrew

Classig juggles!


Amazing juggle patterns. love that you have it at +8% for them. nice 1 on the madlib beat at the end - classic


top 3 for me


Sick Juggles!

Dean Guest

This is super dope !! Very Clean !!!

Zora The Sultan


Skratch Bastid

Damn, the juggles are FIRE. Push juggling is not easy, really like your patterns. And I like the parts that you chose to juggle, shows that you listened through the record to pick out unique spots which is important in an open contest like this. And the Lootpack re-creation was unexpected at first, but the whole Oxnard connection? wooo Really nice video Relyt


THANK YOU SKRATCH! Reading this from you inspires me to keep creating. Thank you!

Doctor Dap

Juggles are super tight, damn gotta step up my juggle game big time after seeing this 👌👌

Dj Cleef

Very clean!!! No soap needed !