Smokey Wonder
December 16, 2018

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DJ Powerdog

Well done! That tansition is lit!

Smokey Wonder

Appreciate it Powerdog! That was the fun part.


making those loops "look easy". another soul and sunshine entry (that was my first idea too) your switch up to it was seamless...

Smokey Wonder

Thank you sir - Soul and Sunshine is such a dope break!

Skratch Bastid

That was my favourite part of the video too. Doubles were clean on the break and led really nicely into Soul & Sunshine. Sounded like something I'd like to hear on a mix or at a show.

Smokey Wonder

Thank you for the feedback! I have lots of work to do. You’re a big inspiration to me and so many others. Respect!!! Your submission was amazing!!!


Bro... all the soul and funky wrapped up in a refined 2min set to go. Tonnes of respect πŸ™βœŠ

Smokey Wonder

Thanks so much!