Lord Of Kingz
December 16, 2018

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DJ Powerdog

Sharp transformer and dope sample. Keep it up!

Lord Of Kingz

My favorite Scratch. Wanted to go old school. That beat brought back my childhood!


❤❤❤ Yes this track also reminds me of good old days!

Lord Of Kingz

Back when I fell in love with Hip Hop!


nice mixxars though. interesting take on the contest. audio isn't bad despite that you didnt record it separately.

Lord Of Kingz

Thanks. I usually record the audio it separately but I didn’t have time this time. Been battling a bad toothache all week.

Skratch Bastid

I appreciated the storytelling with the cuts from the Dana Dane mixed with the AP

Lord Of Kingz

Thanks! I wanted to try something different.


Definitely a refreshing take on the comp bro. Merging the new with the oldskool. Respect ✊🙏

Lord Of Kingz

#salute bro. Thanks a lot. I live for these challenges! It's all about having fun!