December 16, 2018

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picture in picture with second camera angle is dope. tight scratches on a controller. Im not sure if the beat was quite dropped back in right at the minute mark... nice switch up at the end

Jacob Fusion



Thanks so much guys, I was actually late submitting my routine but one of the biggest reason I have it up here is to get some feedback and know what the community thinks. Means so much thanks for ur reply!

Skratch Bastid

Nice choice with the 'Zeze' beat under T.I.'s flow. The beat under the acapella around the 1 minute comes in on an off-beat. I would either wait until he says "let me get the full scope, hold up" and drop the beat from the "one" of the first bar of the instrumental. Or, you could choose to start on the "one" of the 3rd bar of the instrumental under the word "See" in "can't see em with these pitch black...". Either way, you want to keep the beat like it is in the original song so that it doesn't throw off a listener who knows that song.

Frankie Pracshoo

Workin that Controller!

El Dj

did very well, nice


Thanks so much! 🙌🙏