Skratch Bastid
December 23, 2018

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Skratch Bastid

Had to do one too

Dj Mate

Amazing, you have a super sharp chirps!

Lovy Grandninja

Got you man,the peter piper's good was introduced at 56 very hidden..Genius....





Dj Mate

You're super nice bro!

Lord Of Kingz

That forever chirp and the transition to Peter Piper was everything!


Shut DA Front Door! Scratch School is now CLOSED! Skratch just killed us all!!!! New name Chirp Bastid formally known as Skratch Bastid! 100% Dope

DJ Crum



Flawless as usual P!


Perfect.. Amazing 🔥🔥


Flare 🔥🔥🔥

DJ Powerdog

I like your short introduction in the beginning. I believe 0:18 - 0:55 was your transition section. It's a bit long but the funky melodic style makes it sounding nice. 0:55 - 1:05 is a perfect hook. At 1:06 - 1:35 you switched to power scratching - I believe it's a knockout punch of your routine. 1:39 - 1:56 - another great transition but I noticed you started losing sharpness - I would guess you got low on stamina after the previous section but you did a great come back by switching to pads. I'm not a Pro. Just sharing my personal opinion - I'd give you 9/10 🤓 P.S. Thank you so much for creating this amazing platform. It's nice to see different levels of DJing and learn from each other. More challenges - more fun! WOO

Dj Nino Leal



Great minds and all that dude.... yours is proper sick, I hope to get that good one day 😁🍺


You Sir Bastid have perfected the craft. All round dopeness and all kinds of tings fresh. You have set the bar for all of us students to aspire too. Cheers for providing the platform for us to learn and too showcase. Churr and Respect from the land down under 🙏✊