July 10, 2019

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Tight set! Definetley inspired by the early cut off whilst strobing (DJ Babu calls it strobing on Beat Junkies Channel -youtube)... into fantastic lyric. Scratching was amazing. Exactly what bastid asked for too!


Ah thanks man, means a lot! Just checked out that video, I didn't realise it was called 'Strobing', I thought it was 'Chasing'! Got me onto checking Rob Swift's 'Nobody Beats the Biz' routine too. So epic. Big ups! x

DJ π

This is really well rounded! Fresh ideas & Crispy Cuts! Great Job


Thank you!!! :)


this is super fire!!


Thanks man! :)

dj Kino

Definitely my favorite; super well rounded plenty of different techniques but not too much and it's super funky


Thanks so much! I'll definitely be trying to incorporate more eyebrows into the next one haha! Much love :)

DeeJay Fuego

God damn Hottie and DJ whoa :D

Dj Mercy

She's a bad mama, I love this song. :)