Bruno X
July 12, 2019

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DJ Siclano aka Siclo

Nice work mate

Bruno X

Thank U man

Dj Nino Leal

Nice DJ

DJ DeTroyt

the audio thing was said so im not gonna lol but this set was clean G

Bruno X

its true my brotha, i didnt have time to edit it, i lot of things in my day to do, but next time i ll rec directly to mixer, but im ok with the audio, who really know something about DJ culture, ll understand what i did . Take care man.


Very Clean Routine. Nice use of cuts, effects and timing. Transitions were clean.

Bruno X

thank u bro


Skills are dope. I would try and record the audio direct from the mixer next time. Good work!

Bruno X

For sure my brotha, This time i dont have time for put the record direct from the mixer, next time i hope have more time for can edit better. Thank u for the comment .