Dj Beaini
February 9, 2020

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Smokey Wonder

damn tough

Dj Beaini

thanks Smokey. I haven't been practicing my scratching for a while so it felt good.

DJ Spoon

I liked the different samples you used, and your flares were nice! Only thing Iā€™d say is that your sample volume overpowered the instrumental.

Dj Beaini

Thanks Dj Spoon. I noticed it after I posted. I didnt want to redo it this time because of laziness like the song says, lol. nah im playing. I thought the deadline was Sunday so I got nervous and posted right away just to be part of the challenge instead going back and redoing it. Next time ill try to do a better job and hopefully I can get my right hand to be faster and more accurate on the crossfader.

jason gnarlee

Dope my g ! Nice cuts !

Dj Beaini

Thanks Jason!