DJ π
February 10, 2020

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DJ Spoon

Curveball sample! Nice scribbles!

DJ π

Thanks I like to keep people guessing, and not Take the obvious choice. Was wondering if anyone would pick up on that Black Box sample? thanks for the feedback


Big up bro! Nice sample selection and nice combos in there! Always good to see you making progress ;-)

DJ π

Yo thanks for the comment. Trying to get there a day at a time. Glad my progress is evident, means I'm doing something right! Thanks Homie

DJ Powerdog

Nice scratch combos right there! the only thing I'd change - is to match keys of the beat and acapella. I believe one is flat and one is not

DJ π

Thanks Man! Ya i need to check key a little more often to get things sounding tight. Thanks for the feedback homie. Appreciate your words