Who Run It?!

May 17, 2018

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Joe Latino

Good Job man and best of luck on the competition. Props from Canada!

Dj Floops

Boom! Florian the first to use a traktor setup. Thumbs all the way up. For slow scratch try to tighten up the notes so it would be cleaner :)

Joe Latino

I love the work with the echos. Makes me think that I should have incorporated some sort of effects into mine.. Haha I did the same view for my submission. I used Saran Wrap tacked to my ceiling haha. Best of luck your way from Canada man 👊

Joe Latino

I use Traktor too DJ Floops and Florian.. 👊 Wouldnt mind trying to switch it up, but even a cheap Rane mixer isn't in my budget. My crossfader is starting to go in my Z2 too.

Lord Of Kingz

I agree with DJ Floops. Great routine. Cleaner cuts would blow this out the water!

Frederick Moore

I'm wit you Nice, I got the Mixars Duo as well

Dj Nino Leal

👏👏👏 Florian Hobbiger

Chris "The Principal" Alaro

Traktor in the house! Great Scratches!

DJ Key D.

very nice

DJ Key D.

very nice


Good work... And nice set!! Just clean and fresh lol


Nice work Florian :) Good to see you get funky mixing up the tempo on them scratches bro! Traktor all the way ;)

DJ Ray Dio

Keep at it, you seem to enjoy it

Dj D Good

i love that your using your right hand! good job



DJ Z-RO (@MR_Rampersad)

Niceeee View and dope set ! Big Up canada 🙏🏽