Who Run It?!

Chris "The Principal" Alaro
May 19, 2018

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Dj Floops

Respect Mr Principal for the word play. Some cuts seems to be missing. Not too sure if the fader is leaking but good job nonetheless :)


Nice intro

DJ Key D.

nice original


legal parabéns

DJ Knox

nice job on the intro!

Joe Latino

Love the mix between the hater and bitches word play and build up for the intro. Respect from Canada man!

Lord Of Kingz

That was dope!


Ill Word Play....Dope....

Frederick Moore

Way to put your own Flavor on your set, Nice

DJ Ray Dio

Keep rocking have fun

Aloma Abagi

The man from 'Kogalo' i see you

DJ Fusion

Great beginning - super funky and original!