Who Run It?!

Dj mistahvince Kenya
May 19, 2018

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Dj Floops

Nice MistaVince! You are transforming like Optimus Prime :) Perhaps some more variations in scratch techniques next time.

DJ Key D.

this video that conveys passion


showwwww curti essa volta no vinil cortando parabens....

Pineapple P

Transforms are tight! Like DJ Floops said add some more scratch techniques to vary up the sound, keep people guessing what might be coming next. Nice Work!

Joe Latino

Great timing on the bars and transforming. Respect 🇨🇦

Lord Of Kingz



Dope Routine

DJ Ray Dio

Good job, you might try to incorporate some juggles

Dj D Good

Kenya in the House !!!!!!!!!!!!