Who Run It?!

DJ Knox
May 19, 2018

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DJ Key D.

Super scratch


Nice scratch... Keep practicing man


That toneplay is crazy Knox! Cuts with the echo was nuts G. Well done!!!

Dj Floops

Wow! you just levelled up this competition to 3style!


Did you have to create a new track where you had mulitple pitches of the yeah sample for the tone play? I'm not familiar with these high Tec mixers, can you change the pitch of a sample and then map it to one of the pads?

Pineapple P

Toneplay really made it your own and separated yourself from the other routines. Great overall structure to the routine...well done!


Austria in tha house! Dope cuts and toneplayπŸ‘

Joe Latino

Wow.. sick man.. never thought of mapping those tones to a pad and the scratches are dope πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘Š Love the inspiration and creativity. Add me up on Instagram: Joseph Paul Latino .. you should all add me. Haha πŸ™πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ respect all around from Canada

Lord Of Kingz

Sick Tone play Knox!!!!!


Great intro

DJ Listen

can you teach me heheheheh joke nice scratch


That pad shit was crazy!

DJ O-nonymous

*flame emoji


amazing tone play!

DJ Ray Dio

First tone play i have seen

malik mclaurin

Dude is super sick & Im working to get to this level of turntablism ..


Sounded great Knox, the tone play at the start was Threestyle worthy. nice the fader cuts on the end as well... all around great submission dude.

Micky Slicks


Dj D Good

Love it !!!!!

Dj Profe Soro

Creative combo with pitch'n'time, nice melody came out. My fav scratch is on 0:42 πŸ”ͺ You finished in perfect time

Dj Tosh

your video motivate me so much !


Toneplay was really dope, clean cuts too

Dj Kleancut

Love the tone play, really original, putting some good work

Dj Mute


DJ Serve 1

love the intro