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Who Run It?!

May 21, 2018

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Joe Latino

I liked the crabs .. the fader scratch and the pause was on point. Good job and respect from Canada 👊🇨🇦

Dj Floops

Nice flares just need to be more controlled


O back to back poderia ser mais curto repetindo só a primeira frase, mais ficou legal,os cortes ficaram bem showwwwww parabéns Respect fron Brasil....


Love what you did with the intro! Dope cuts too my man, get 'em!!

Dj mistahvince Kenya

@Joe latino..that pause was well thought..i agreeeeeee..good job Drop


Those crabs / 3 click flares blew my mind. They were so crisp; one of the most technical skills employed so far.

DJ Ray Dio

You 3 must be a crew