Who Run It?!

DJ Khali
May 22, 2018

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really nice to see that you enter with a controller! Just a little more work on cleaner cuts and everything is perfect.

Dj Floops

Good entry just work more on the timing and relax. Dont rush the scratches, let it flow. Nice echo out at the end!

Lord Of Kingz

Timing is everything. Scratch drills and you can make that controller work for you just like turntables!

DJ Khali

Thanks for the feedback so far guys, I have been really working on improving my cuts, I even recently bought some turntables in order to get as good as I can and I feel like even using a controller I have already came a long way from back in the day where I didnt even know how to beatmatch properly Also @DJ Floops, I feel what you are saying about me rushing the scratches sometimes, when I fall out of tempo I find that I try to somehow get back in time by rushing the movements

DJ Ray Dio

Brave to enter with a controller I would say to try and not get stuck in loops keep at it the road is long but as long as you try everyday you will always see improvement


It distracted me that you have buddy's legs in the background. Crew Love! Khali has his posse in the house. Jokes aside; we are all after clean unrushed cuts, and that won't happen overnight and it won't happen without work. Props!


Not bad. Keep practicing.

Lord Of Kingz

A controller can be a great effective tool. Practice always makes perfect.

Tori Dax

This was cool! I like the beat juggling in the beginning! Keep practicing to improve your timing.