Who Run It?!

Frederick Moore
May 22, 2018

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nice one and good timing !

Dj Floops

That shirt is awesome. I should get me one :)

Lord Of Kingz

That intro! Good work!

DJ Khali

Nice intro, and that mixer is looking like it would sit very well in my studio too

Frederick Moore

@DJ Khali, LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL, I actually just got it, I wanted to go left from what everybody else got, just being different.

DJ O-nonymous


DJ Corn

Nice work!!


You can tell you've been spinning since before cue points because of the markers on the scratch vinyl. I used to have that (and countless stickers) on my battle wax, never thought about putting it on the scratch vinyl -until now. Solid scratches and nice one on the intro.

Frederick Moore

@Drew Douglas, I use the markers so I always know where my queue points are, your right its a force of habit, I know have to relearn scratching because its different then before. more fader work then before.

Dj Kreuz

very precise, I like it!


fun little freestyle right there.

DJ Ray Dio

Good but i would like to see some juggles

Frederick Moore

@dj Ray Dio Next time I got you


Good work bro! I wish u would have done more. I love the sound quality of your video.

Tori Dax

Nice and clean! You have great timing!

DJ Serve 1

intro was on point ....