Who Run It

May 22, 2018

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Dj Floops

Nice Drew. Thanks for entering! Keep on practicing bro, we gone get this :) and try to relax and not be too serious. Scratching is fun!

Dj Kreuz

Nice oldschool style and juggling in the beginning!

Frederick Moore

Yes Sir lets get it, creativity

DJ Ray Dio

O7 pro dope


I agree with DJ Floops 💯%. Keep practicing and relax bro.

Tricky Mouse

Very cool intro and juggle off the top! Gonna go all gear nerd for a second because the TTX was one of the first turntables I ever owned and I had so much fun with that little reverse button on the front that I ended up wrecking the motor :D


@ Ray Dio - That mixer has held up to a decade of abuse and a decade sitting on a dusty shelf unused. Dusted it off 6 months ago when I decided that a decade away from spinning is too long and bought a DVS. @ Tricky Mouse I love my TTXs. I had PDX 2000s which I bought for the +-60% pitch control. I started as a jungle selectah and didn't ever count my record collection. I needed the large pitch control so I could jump all over my collection. The TTX was the first deck with the key lock and that excited me because of the way I played (drop an amen track with an original bpm of 158 at 180 speed)

DJ Halk

Yeah you gots to chill b. It was a good variety of techniques, mixing, juggling and scratching. The mixing at the beginning sounded good, it would have been interesting to keep that going longer, maybe some loops or scratching and dropping different parts of the beat. There was wordplay with the scratching but it was all the same word 'run', could have mined the accappella and had it say a sentence or something like that. Shout out to A Tribe Called Red :fire emoji:

DJ Fusion

Great video - serious stuff but well executed. .. I like