Who Run It?!

malik mclaurin
May 23, 2018

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spot on Crab scratchs dude. and a strong ending. Solid all around!

Frederick Moore

I like it, dope

Al Powell

not too shabby


Bro I hate you only had a minute to get it in. But I was feeling u!


Bruh... alround straight 🔥🔥🔥 The break downs from beat to acapellas perfectly dropped. Loved the back and forth crabs especially! Dope set bro 👊

Pineapple P

DOPE! Cutting out the beat and dropping in the acapella was executed perfectly! Scratches were right on point, nice work!

Dj Floops

Nice flow MAlik


The scratch pattern at 43 seconds blew me away. I kept rewinding and watching those few seconds.

malik mclaurin

Preciate all the feedback from everyone really do

Joe Latino

Nice break from the beat. Love the the beat drops. Clean cuts too. No complaints man. Props from 🇨🇦


dope chirp technique !

DJ Serve 1

nice .. nice time add some more energy... but it was dope i would do this at a show lol

DJ Serve 1

Next time***