Who Run It?!

Dj Does It all
May 23, 2018

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Precise cuts and slick juggle and even threw in the body tricks... straight gangstaa!!! Wish it wasnt limited to 1min so we could see where else you would take us. Mad respect bro!

DJ DuPree

Killed it homie!

Pineapple P

I like how you chopped up the "And thats they way that I" with the different "run" samples. Original routine and timing was spot on! Good Work!

Dj Floops

This is fire and the dj did it all


Epic reverb on the scratch samples - One of my favourite effects. Love where you were headed with the word play scratch sentences at the end. I agree with DayneJah, I wish this video was a minute longer so I could see how that part of the routine fleshed out...

DJ Incredible Halk

Excellent job, I like how you build up to when the beat drops and go right into a new scratch. Well damn Does It All, can I rock?


Nice clean cuts!

malik mclaurin


Dj DuPree

I see your Skratch Bastids BBQ plug apron on the side. Sneaky Dj! Lol. Great routine brotha. Them double clicks were sick!

Joe Latino

Man.. haha that juggle was sick. Props from canada 🇨🇦

Chris "The Principal" Alaro

Hmmmm...It seems indeed that you do it all brother. Dope set...


clean juggle, fresh cutz, overall absolute amazing routine!!! greez DJ CUT CAKE from Germany

DJ Sammy B

Very Dope Juggle at the beginning bro Cuts very on point

Micky Slicks

Dope! I like how you play with them pads!


Avion gone always flex with it a bit! Definitely dope bro

DJ Spadus

YA GOT THE DOUBLES. Dope routine as always bro


Beautiful set up! Good intro. impressive juggles. really funky, technical! even added crossed arm trick DDD: Bastid BBQ T, niceeee! need that!