Who Run It?!

DJ Z-RO (@MR_Rampersad)
May 23, 2018

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Switching hands from vinyl to fader - That's some Roc Raida ninja of rap steeze. Interesting videography, I liked the flowing movement but not all the blurry effects. I have been thinking about all the entries over the minute requirement and I I gots tah call it out here. Someone whose video is 1:10 actually got 17% longer than someone who ends at the 1 minute mark. Your video is 1:27, that's almost 50% more than the allotted time. Granted, that you spent 7 seconds with your own branding intro, taking that away you still got 33%(20 sec) longer. During a comp like the DMCs, the host calls out "time" at the 6 minute mark and the DJ literally has to stop mid-juggle or mid-scratch. It will be interesting to see how Bastid addresses this as the expectations were clear at the outset.

Dj Floops

Nice work and I have to agree with DOjibwe1

Joe Latino

Great post production and nice cuts and techniques. Props from 🇨🇦👊


2 thumbs up bro!

Mister Wilson

Nice fader play!

DJ Serve 1

love this ....