Who Run It?!

Dj DuPree
May 23, 2018

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That was one hell of a routine. Superb!

dj Kino

probably the best use of 1 minute out of all the competition! great small examples of a lot of different awesome techniques; super polished!

Dj Floops

I love the camera pans and zooms but most so the dnb drumming

DJ Z-RO (@MR_Rampersad)

This one is amazing !! great timing cuts are clean ! outstanding finger timing as well !! AWESOME !

Joe Latino

Haha man... you need no help with anything. Great from start to finish. The drumming was dope. Props from 🇨🇦👊


Excellent Routine..

Aloma Abagi

Woah!!! Killed the competition..


That was sick DuPree. Love the techstep drumming, it gave me ideas I hadn't considered before. One question, at the 10 second and 21 second marks, it looks like you spliced video together. Was this routine shot in 1 continuous take? I don't think it matters since the competition is based on the medium of video... Just wish I had thought of that.


dope routine man!


absolute fire that finger drumming!!! greez DJ CUT CAKE from Germany


Now that was inspiring

Frederick Moore

Now thats Dope work!!

DJ Powerdog

Putting dnb sound is like putting a bbq sauce. Nicely done!

Dj DuPree

@DOjibwe1 it was all seamless. Promise.


Nuff said bro! U Run It!!!

DJ Spoon

That live flip was fire!!!! We don't even need the video effects, the routine was dope alone!

Dj Kleancut

Scratch so good..! Clean and smooth..!. DNB redrum was sick

DJ Fredo

geee-zus christ, let me take my submission down lol, super dope!

DJ Spadus

so much control and creativity in this 1 minute routine. Too good Dupree.

sean ortiz

Enjoyable and entertaining!

DJ Serve 1

love the switch up


great creativity!