Who Run It

May 24, 2018

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Dj Floops

good skribbles


yeah, I like the scratch and flow at the beginning :-) Nice juggle, nice scratches. maybe you can work on getting the beginning of each sound more precisely. I think especially the chirps would sound much cleaner. nice effects and probs to your camera man/woman :-D keep it up fresh! greez DJ CUT CAKE

Joe Latino

I think that you have a lot of skills with beat juggling. I would have loved to see more work between both turntables. If you got the skills then use it right? I think you have great technique with scratches but you are rushing it a lot. Going at a slower speed would help you focus more on hitting it on Beat. You're faster than I am I'll tell you that. Props from Canada 🇨🇦👊

DJ Spadus

WHATS THE PLAY WILLAYYYYEEEE. Good stuff bro! Like that juggle!


I like those timecode! fresh! that scratch record on the side! swift cuts! keep up the work. good fx