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May 25, 2018

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DJ Deiz

like dat euro scratch


THX to all for your comments, have fun to watch your routines :-D I have already planned to do a tutorial on that euro scratch, I call my way to do it "Euro-Twix" by the way :-D When I perform it in sessions, everyone wants to know this, so I think it's time to #spreadtheknowledge, because it is easier than you might think ;-D so stay tuned and follow me on instagram or youtube. Keep it up fresh!!!

Mr Deaz

Dope bro!!!!!!!!

Dj Floops

A lil bit of moombah in there :)

Dj Kleancut

Splitting finger..! cool scratch an on point..!!


Dope ! Amazing Routine !!

Dj D Good

nice double fader moves..

DJ Spadus

That volume fader scratch thoooooooooo

sean ortiz

Nice Mix of skillz. Clean setup!


The tone/pitch play intro was great! that multi cut with the crossfader and channel fader was insane! never seen anything like it! Great finger drumming, Reggaeton rhythm!


Your ideas are great ! Even if a few people used the tone play but it was still a great gimmick to the set. I loved that you played with the crossfader it reminds me of Mix master mike ! Your drum patterns were also dope especially mixing two together, it just showed so much identity !!!

dj mazelo

Nive Set uP ! Sehr koole PDX am start. EURO SCRATCH ! NIce! dope

Angela Meggs

Really liked the effects integration.

DJ Sammy B

I just want you to post a tutorial on how you did that cut with both faders that was mad sick!!!!!!!!!!!! Very dope video bro

Joe Latino

Really cool. I like the fact that you curved the volume fader to use it like a crossfader with the sharp curve. Great job incorporating the volume and crossfader together at the end. Also really good that you threw in a little bit juggling to mix it up. Props from Canada๐Ÿ‡จ๐Ÿ‡ฆ๐Ÿ‘Š


It's @djcutcake :-)


Effects, fader+cross combo and clean cuts - perfect combination! Nice to watch and thanks for support! btw, what is your instagram account ? :)))