Who Run It?!

Mr Deaz
May 25, 2018

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dj mazelo

Nice job.

Mr Deaz

My bad I didn't see, max duration should be 1.00 I'll post a new one… Apologize, you can delete this one


crazy cutz, fast clean! pure fire!!! greez DJ CUT CAKE

Erbe Gonzalez

Dope man , sick setup

Dj Floops

Nice hammsters

Joe Latino

Sick techiques. Nice job at spacing out "run it" great job at matching the effects so when you're scratching it layers over everything on Beat. Not sure if you can beat juggle but I assumed you could and was hoping I could see some and the routine. Other than that it was a great minute to watch I'll tell you that. Props from Canada πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦πŸ‘Š

Mr Deaz

Thanks I appreciate. Yes I do Juggling as well but I understood challenge beeing focused on scratching Unfortunately this vidz is over 1.00 min, I did an other shorter one to fit to the rules which was unfortunately deleted due to double submission. Anyway I'm really happy to see so much participants. Turntablsim isn't dead!

DJ Ray Dio


Dj Khris