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Dj D Good
May 25, 2018

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Joe Latino

I can tell that you're learning scratches like me more than anything. Your scratches were off tempo a lot. You have the techniques down but I think you should slow the beat down and practice at a slower speed to get it sounding clean. You used a lot of techniques in there. I know you're trying to up your game for the competition. That's what this is about. Good job for taking that risk and going out of your comfort zone to speed it up. I know what it's like watching amazing scratchers hit everything so perfect but rushing isn't the key. I like the fact that when you were scratching you cut the beat out every now and then. Sometimes less is more. Props from Canada 🇨🇦👊

Dj Floops

Agree with Joe, timing first and speed after!

Dj D Good

THANKS JOE DJ FUSION DJ FLOOPS DJ RAY DIO Never had the advanced training Im looking for . ive never learned the proper way to put together a "traditional" routine before in a short time. Thats why I entered the comp. I did mess up and upload the wrong video. I actually have one thats a min. Made a mistake . I dont know if they will let me upload the other one now and delete this one or I guess just take the first minute of this one if thats not possible. Im just here to learn more. I learned everything on my own. :)

DJ Fusion

Lighting fast cuts with your right hand man! Over a minute though...

DJ Ray Dio

You just go right in


Joe Latino`s advice is superb for you! Improve your timing, find the right balance between scratches and pauses. The pause is the sound also. The sound of silence. So try to combine scratches and pauses - and you`ll improve your cuts rapidly. Big up for you and for Joe Latino (for advice:)) !