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Who Run It?!

DJ Jehred
May 25, 2018

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Mr Deaz

Yeah!! Dope juggling and drumming!

Kyle Ammiro

The juggle was savage and the end drumming was dope mad props all around! Iā€™m trying to learn to re arrange the beat when I juggle but still working on my timing.... your are super clean!

DJ Ray Dio

Looked like you where having fun

El Jeffe

way to flip it!

Pineapple P

Dope Routine!

Dj Zuvic

excellent sampler and dope ruting


one of the favourites here :)


yeahh, clean juggle, finger drumming part is fucking awesome :-D Keep it up fresh!!!

Dj Floops

Wow finger drumming on point

DJ Tuff Gong

Dope finger drumming šŸ˜Ž